Who can submit new content ?

Though the Forum section is open to all guest users (read-only) and registered user (read-write),  to protect from spammer and improper content, only special users and registered-user with high rank are allowed to post content in the front section of our web-site.

But, this site is for you and by you, so even if you are not in the special user category, if you really have good article, review, tutorial etc. you can post them in HTML format to the Chief Editor via email or Private Message. After reviewing your content, if it passes, it will be surly published in our front section of the web-site.

else, the entire Forum section is open for you.

What if the contant is not ORIGINAL ?

Even though the content may not be original, i.e. not written by you, you can still post it here as we believe that -


Collecting data is only the first step toward wisdom,
but sharing data is the only step toward community


But, you have to remember -

  • You can not post the full content of the original content.
  • You must have to write your own Intro Text (1 paragraph) and atleast one footer pagagraph of your own.
  • Part of the foreign content must be within a QUOTE system.
  • You have to mention source of the original content.
  • You have to mention the Author of the original content.

For more information visit here.